An Academically Informed Online Planner that Helps Students Build Essential Life Skills

Give your students access to a planner that accelerates their development of essential soft skills, like time management, organization, and persistence.

Give yourself actionable data to support successful student outcomes.

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Google Classroom Integration

Viinko integrates with Google Classroom via our Google Chrome Extension, enabling students to add homework to their planners with the click of a button.

Skill Development for Every Student

RTI & MTSS Data, Simplified

The Viinko platform is a non-cognitive skill development platform that supports the RTI & MTSS process by continuously tracking student assignment completion and providing school leadership with measurable data to inform targeted interventional strategies.

Focused on Accessibility

The Viinko platform is accessible to students via a laptop, Google Chromebook, tablet, or cellphone. If your students lack digital access, we may be able to help. 

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