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There are many tools designed to help educators manage their classrooms.


Why don’t we provide the same tools to help students manage their workload?


Viinko provides an academically informed structure that helps students build essential executive functioning micro-skills each time they use our platform.  

“It is our responsibility to teach time management just as we would teach an academic skill. We need to take the same approach to executive-functioning skills, the mental skills that we use daily to manage life, as we have academic skill-based learning.”

Emily Rinkema & Stan Williams, Authors of The Standards-Based Classroom, Make Learning the Goal


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Google Classroom Integration

Launching September 2021, Viinko will be fully integrated with Google Classroom via our Google Chrome Extension, enabling students to add homework to their planners with the click of a button.

Providing Executive Functioning Support for All Students

Right now, within most school systems, too many students are left in the middle-of-the pack: not failing, but also not thriving. We expect students to complete independent school work, but don’t give them the tools to succeed during unstructured learning time.

All students, Tier 1 through 3, should have access to executive functioning support and education, which is what Viinko provides.


Web and App Based

We strive to make time management education easier and more enjoyable for both educators and students. With 66% of middle schools and 82% of high schools regularly using smart phones, it makes sense that kids want to access educational tools via their smart phones.

The Viinko platform is accessible to students via the web, The App Store, or the Google Play Store.


Academically Informed


Executive Functioning Micro-Skills Supported by Viinko

I’ve learned more [about organization and time management] over the past 6 months using Viinko than I did in 10 years of school.

Student, High School

Society is so linear and for a lot of kids that path isn’t practical. Viiinko gives those kids the tools they need to figure it out.


Viinko is an organization tool, but also a tool for data collection and getting students to understand how they learn best. 


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