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Academic Success: Impact of Study Space

January 28, 2020

By Viinko

Academic Success: Impact of Study Space

Have you ever walked in to a sunny, clean, quiet room and felt yourself relax? Conversely, have you ever walked into a cluttered and dreary space (we’re picturing great Gran’s basement) that immediately made you tense and uncomfortable? If so, you’ve experienced firsthand the effect that physical space can have on your mental state. Space not only elicits an emotional reaction; it can impact your ability to focus and build confidence.

A study by MDR Education found that 94% of educators believe space impacts learning, most notably in its ability to engage and motivate students. Similarly, Google’s Future of the Classroom report explains that classroom design – including color, lighting, acoustics and spatial organization – has a notable impact on students learning.

So, what can you do to ensure you, or your student, are equipped with the proper studying space?

Consistency is Key. Whether you choose to study at home, a public library, school, or some other location make sure you pick a space that feels comfortable. Once you’ve identified your study spot stick with it. Routines help students feel more mentally and emotionally prepared for their study session.

Remove Distractions. While you may think taking a 5-minute video game break helps you focus, it is much more likely this distraction is interrupting your train of thought and slowing down your academic progress. It is worth noting that some students do find silence to be distracting in itself; for those students’ light background noise can be helpful.  Pick a space that is void of distractions to keep yourself on track.

Let there be Light. Research from Cornell University found that daylight reduced eyestrain, headaches, and increases productivity. Choosing a study space with natural light is key to providing the light, bright, and airy space that lends itself to productive study sessions.

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