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Start Off the School Year Right with New Study Habits

August 30, 2021

By Viinko

Start Off the School Year Right with New Study Habits

 The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to start forming better study habits. Forming new habits might seem daunting, but these tips and guidelines make the process much smoother:

How to Think About Self-Improvement & New Habits

Usually, we think about self-improvement in terms of outcome-driven goals. For instance, you may have the goal: “I will get all A’s this year.” The problem with this type of outcome-driven goal is that results often seem far away and students lose motivation if they don’t see progress. Instead, students should focus on processes and developing healthy habits.

Forming and Implementing Habits

In Atomic Habits, author James Clear outlines how small changes can lead to remarkable results. These tactics can easily be applied to forming and implementing study habits.

First, students should make their habits obvious. You can link a new habit to a current habit and specify a time and a place to do the new habit. Additionally, students can set out visual cues to help trigger that habit. “I will study more” becomes “Once I get home from school (current habit), I will set my notebook on the dinner table (new habit and visual cue). After I eat dinner (current habit) at 7pm (time), I will read over my class notes (new habit) at the dinner table (place).”

Second, students should make study habits as easy as possible. Setting out your notebook on the dinner table before dinner is an example of removing the friction to studying. You can also add friction to bad habits, such as putting your phone in a different room while studying.

Third, the more attractive a study habit is, the more likely we will stick to it. If you often lose motivation studying alone, try joining a study group with peers. Or, think about your environment. If music helps you concentrate, then put those headphones on and study away!

Finally, good study habits should be satisfying. Graduation might seem far away, so focus on short-term awards that motivate you to be a successful student. This could be something small like purchasing a new book or watching a good movie after a week of difficult tests. Eventually, your healthy study habits will become routine.

Technology Can Be Your Friend

Thankfully, technology can make implementing study habits much easier. Viinko is a platform that integrates a student planner with features like time blocking, task prioritization, assignment breakdown, and activity tracking. The platform also allows students to continuously refine their study habits through reflections after each assignment. With such a comprehensive range of tried-and-true techniques, Viinko empowers students to build strong study habits and develop essential life skills that will support them both inside the classroom and beyond.

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