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Adding Student Perception to the Data Mix

December 4, 2021

By Viinko

Adding Student Perception to the Data Mix

Data, data, data. In the digital age, the world’s most valuable resource is data – a trend that schools have undoubtedly picked up on. Educators use data to help identify which students need extra support via frameworks such as Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). While data collection is certainly useful for understanding students’ behavior and needs, the type of data collected can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful intervention processes.

Currently, many schools use a standardized approach to data collection that relies on curriculum-based measurements set at the district level, universal screening and standardized test scores, and behavioral trends such as attendance reports and homework completion rates. Students who are potentially at-risk are monitored by teachers with weekly or biweekly skills assessments.

While this sounds great, teachers are asked to monitor dozens of students for only short periods of time, making it difficult for them to truly understand which students need extra support and the type of support that would be most beneficial for each individual. Additionally, the curriculum-based measurements are static data points trying to measure a non-static entity- kids!

Current intervention processes do not take into account the student’s perception of the situation and of their own capabilities, creating a notable gap for effective intervention. Imagine if the school system had insight to a student’s perception of how school is going. They could then identify whether the student is facing challenges related organization, confidence, or skillsets and give the student support that effectively addresses their underlying problem.

Viinko provides these insights at the school, classroom, and individual level. In an effort to take some of the burden off teachers, enable student voices to enter the discussion earlier, and give principals the data they need to positively impact a student’s trajectory sooner, Viinko provides:

  • School-wide observations

    • “Students are giving math assignments low interest scores across the board – there could be an opportunity to increase student engagement in the math curriculum”

  • Classroom patterns

    • “Ms. Smith’s sixth grade class is rating homework 4 stars on average. Kudos to Ms. Smith as this is notably higher than the the average of 3 stars for that grade level”

  • Individual outliers

    • “Abby estimates all her assignments as taking significantly longer than the rest of her class – the school should check in with Abby and have a broader discussion on how she is approaching homework.”

Incorporating the right data does not have to be hard. By providing actionable data related to students’ perception of their assignments and abilities, Viinko enables educators to identify and support struggling learners sooner.

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