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Getting Organized – 5 Benefits

January 23, 2020

By Viinko

Getting Organized – 5 Benefits

Reduces Stress: Disorganization is often paired with constant worry getting things done. The growing list of to-dos quickly becomes overwhelming and creates stress. Getting organized with an academic project management coach like VIINKO allows you to manage the to-do list and approach each task efficiently.

Helps You Sleep: Chaos throughout your day often follows you to bed, and the endless list of tasks and stressors that have accumulated in your mind run rampant as you try to fall asleep. This can make it extremely difficult to relax and throw off your sleep cycle.

Makes You Feel in Control: According to Psychology Today, “the more control that you perceive you have in your work, them more satisfaction and less stress you are likely to experience.” By getting organized, you make sure you feel in control of your schedule, not that your schedule is controlling you.

Increases Mental Energy: “When life becomes messy or disorderly, our physical as well as mental/emotional health can also get muddled and we become less energetic and less efficient” notes Isaac Eliaz, MD. My bringing order back to our day, we gain control of our mental state and boost energy levels.

Optimizes your Time: By organizing your time, you can focus on your priorities. You know what you need to achieve today, tomorrow, this week, and this month which enables you to put your full attention to the tasks as hand.

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