Time management doesn’t have to be hard.

Time management doesn’t have to be hard.

Learn Smarter with Viinko


I’ve learned more [about organization and time management] over the past 6 months using Viinko than I did in 10 years of school.

Student, High School

Society is so linear and for a lot of kids that path isn’t practical. Viiinko gives those kids the tools they need to figure it out.

Parent, ADHD Student

Viinko is an organization tool, but also a tool for data collection and getting students to understand how they learn best. 

Skills Teacher, Public School District

Product Features

We provide all of the tools, support, and structure your students needs to get organized and build the essential life skills of time management and organization.


Our goal is to make life easier, not create another thing for you and your students to manage. We integrate with your existing systems so everything is one click away, not 20.


With numerous built-in features, including personalized calendars, Viinko allows students to customize their planners. We provide as much or as little built-in structure as they need. 

Free Updates & support

All system updates are included in our fee, as is our amazing 24/7 customer support team.

designed for you

Viinko was built by students for students (and coaches). This is your easy to use, one-stop organization shop.


Let Viinko help your students achieve success both inside and outside the classroom.

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