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Information Overload – Impact on Students

March 2, 2020

By Viinko

Information Overload – Impact on Students

The rise in technology has improved quality of life for most of us markedly. The list of improvements is vast and varied – transportation, information, medical capabilities, etc. But every improvement has its pitfalls and technology is no exception.

We are inundated with information. The average adult checks 138 website pages per a day. Just reading that statistic overwhelms me. In today’s connected world, many adults and businesses struggle with information overload, which can have “organizational impact in the form of reduced productivity, reduced creativity, even a negative impact on decision making” according to Harvard Business Review contributing editor Paul Hemp.

Now imagine the impact this information overload is having on kids. Children are growing up in a time where there are expected to be plugged in physically and digitally, which doubles the amount of information they are expected to process and internalize. They attend class in person for 8 hours a day, then have an online portal for their math homework, another for their schedule, a third for the science class,  a fourth for Spanish practice, and don’t forget the physical handouts that they must complete and organize in addition to the online assignments.

As we’ve previously stated, information overload can have a negative impact on creativity, productivity, and decision making in adults. It is not surprising, therefore, that 70% of teens say anxiety and depression is a “major problem” among peers given the amount of information their expected to process daily.

Luckily there is a way to mitigate information overload– organization. Having one place to keep track of all assignments, to-dos, meetings, tests, etc. can help increase productivity, streamline decision making, and help students free up time in their week to focus on friends, family, and extracurricular activities.

VIINKO provides a platform designed specifically to help kids get organized. Whether you are a parent looking to help your child manage their workload, a school looking to support your undergraduates, or a student looking for a tool to help manage your day – VIINKO can help.

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