Our Ask:

Enable your students to build strong time management and organization skills by providing three VIINKIT minutes at the end of each class.

During these three minutes of intentional planning time:

YOU can finish recording attendance, pass back graded work, prepare for your next class, etc.

YOUR STUDENTS can INITIATE time management and organizational skills to INPUT their assignment work with INTENTIONALITY


Why does this matter?

Time management and organizational skills are critical components of executive function that only develop with guidance and practice. Students should not only be taught these skills, they should be given the time and space to practice them, as well.

What It’s Like For Your Students to Manage School Without Viinko

Providing students with three minutes of VIINKIT time at the end of every class:

  • Can help them build executive function habits and skills
  • Can help them avoid and overcome the academic snowball
  • Can help them record their assigned work, schedules, and to-do items
  • Can help them prioritize responsibilities and anticipate effort
  • Can help them communicate workloads, schedules, and difficulties to trusted adults

When You Empower Students with Viinko, You Help Them Succeed


Your Resources

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    Student Feedback Reports 

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    Your Role:

    The Teacher

    Viinko’s ask of you is to enable your students to build strong time management and non-cognitive skills by providing three minutes of intentional planning each class.

      Instead of asking students to

      “write down the homework”

      have your students ViinkIT.


        Using the Platform

        You are not expected to be an expert on Viinko. But as your students are adjusting to the platform, they may have questions. Below are some high level tips on using the platform so you are able to effectively support them.

        If using Google Classroom to assign homework, make sure your students have the Google Classroom Chrome extension installed

        Download Extension HERE

        Once the extension is installed, your students should see an “Add to Viinko” button next to every homework.



        When adding homework to Viinko, we want students focused on the Assignment Type and filling in the relevant steps.

        Again, the goal is to ensure students have a PLAN for completing work and are set up for success on due date.

        Each step will have metacognitive questions the students have to fill in. Remind students there is no right or wrong answer to these, they should reflect the students honest feelings or gut reaction to the work.


        Larger assignments, like a paper or a test, will have steps to completion.

        These steps can be changed, renamed, or deleted – the goal is to make sure your students understand that this assignment is not a singular event, it requires multiple steps to be successful on due date.

        Each step a student includes for an assignment will show up as a separate homework ticket in their planner

        Example: Math Test – Build study guide and Math Test – Review study guide are two separate tickets.


        The Destination

        Eventually, the goal is for your students to have the executive function skills needed to thrive both in your classroom and beyond.