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Victoria Kinnealey

CEO & Founder

In January of 2020 I asked my 16-year-old brother about school and he broke down. He told me he hated it, he felt stupid, and that he had essentially given up on himself and his classes. That day broke my heart, but it was also the day that Viinko’s journey began.

I started working with my brother and thought the problem was going to be content related – he doesn’t understand Math or he doesn’t like Spanish. What we quickly realized was that the problem was organizational. There was information coming at my brother from a dozen angles and each one was changing constantly. He didn’t know how to manage the endless flow of content, causing him to fall behind. Once that happened, the snowball of assignments and tasks he had to manage kept growing.

As I worked through this with my brother, I kept thinking there must be tools that teach students time management and organizational skills. If you’re reading this, my guess is you know what I discovered – there were not. I found productivity apps that work well for students that are pre-disposed to organization (shout out to my fellow color-coded binder kids). There were also private tutors that came into the picture when the situation was mission critical – but there was nothing on the market to proactively teach kids the essential life skills of time management and organization. 

Viinko was born to fill that void. We provide the tools and support students need to develop time management skills and find success both inside and outside the classroom.  







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