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Standards Based Learning & Executive Functioning

July 14, 2021

By Viinko

Standards Based Learning & Executive Functioning

What is standards based learning?

Standards based learning is a system which sets standards for specific learning behaviors and skill sets, emphasizing the development of higher cognitive behavior rather than performance on tasks, such as memorization. 

Why is it important?

Fostering a strong line of communication among teachers, students, tutors, and parents, standards based learning’s transparency enables educators to uncover and address skills which need improvement. This transparency not only uncovers academic gaps, but also skill development gaps, such as difficulties with time management, self-awareness, responsibility, or task initiation. Without a standard based structure, these foundational skills may be overlooked. Poor grades will be chalked up to lack of effort and the underlying causes will go unchecked. 

How is it achieved?

Successfully executing standards based learning requires teachers to cater instructional activities to specific learning goals while transparently communicating to students how these activities will develop skill sets. These tailored activities should have a corresponding scale which breaks the larger task into smaller learning steps, allowing students to understand the skill’s criteria and self-regulate progress as they advance steps in the learning process. Another important aspect is constant feedback from teachers or tutors to guide students during their processes.

Viinko and standards based learning

Viinko provides students with several opportunities to practice learning behaviors and build their level of mastery in several essential skill sets: task management, self-autonomy, self-awareness, prioritization, and problem solving. Viinko’s platform utilizes standards based scales and metrics to measure each of these skills and shows students their progress based on how they engage with the platform. 

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