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I really like the reflection aspect of Viinko. I feel like I’m actually able to provide feedback and think about why something did or didn’t work for me.


Too many of our students are leaving this school with no real [meta-cognitive] education…we hand hold them, so when they’re on their own they fall apart. Viinko is enabling us to give them structure and space to build these skills without doing it for them.

Charter Leader, Colorado

What I love about Viinko is that anyone, myself included, can get completely overwhelmed by the tasks they have to do. Viinko helps kids actually get organized. It helps them learn how to develop plans, and then because they know they have a plan, they develop more confidence. It reduces the likelihood of academic chaos for students.

Public School Tech Director, Massachusetts

I’ve been ecstatic to see such involvement and improvement in student engagement since onboarding Viinko.

Charter Leader, Illinois