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Time Management Doesn’t Come Naturally.


Enable Your Child to Learn Smarter With Viinko.

Viinko is a time management education platform. With Viinko, your student gets access to our academically-informed platform AND a personal Accountability Coach (yes, a real person) supporting them every step of their journey.

Empower and Enable your Child to Succeed in School and Life

 Our platform helps your child organize work, stay on track, overcome obstacles, and we keep you in the loop on your student’s progress. 

Hi! my name is victoria.

I come from a big family outside of Boston, MA and grew up helping my younger siblings stay on track. I’m excited to help your child navigate school.

 Viinko coaches

Meet Our Accountability Coaches

With Viinko, your student not only gets access to our academically-informed platform, but also a person that supports them through every step of their time management journey. 

Our coaches are graduate students, young professionals, and educators who recognize the importance of time management education and want to support the next generation as they develop this essential skill . We run background checks on all of our coaches  and parents have open communication channels with their child’s coach. 

"I've learned more [about organization and time management] over the past 6 months using Viinko than I did in 10 years of school."

Student, High School

"Society is so linear and for a lot of kids that path isn't practical. Viinko gives those kids the tools they need to figure it out."


"Viinko is an organization tool, but also a tool for getting students to understand how they learn best."


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Why is time management important for my child?

Viinko will help improve academic performance, but the impact reaches far beyond the classroom. By teaching learning skills and strategies, Viinko helps students develop the ability to plan, organize, establish routines, self-motivate, and prioritize. These skills will allow students to conquer every challenge they face, whether it be on a test, at an extracurricular activity, or at a future job.

How will I be kept in the loop on my child's progress?

Parents get weekly reports outlining a student’s workload, engagement levels, assignment reflections, and personalized notes from the student’s Viinko Accountability Coach.

What skills, specifically, are you helping my child develop?

Each time a student uses our platform to track assignments, they’re building essential executive functioning micro-skills. The specific skills we teach include:

  • prioritization
  • estimating time and difficulting
  • breaking down tasks and determining steps
  • time blocking
  • metacognition
What are the costs?

We will be releasing costs in August, 2021.

How does it work?

Once you register for a Viinko subscription, we will set up a thirty-minute Zoom onboarding call with you, your child, and your Viinko Accountability Coach.

During that call you’ll review the platform, go over any questions, and set expectations.

From there, your coach will keep an eye on your student’s planner, send encouragement and reminders, ping them when deadlines are close, and send you a weekly status report to keep you in the loop! 

What is a Viinko Accountability Coach?

Think of our coaches as an older sibling that serves as a support system, sounding board, and guide for your child. 

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