Targets and Scales

Executive Functioning skills help us get things done. They are controlled by the frontal lobe of the brain, which isn’t fully developed in humans until the mid to late twenties.  This means that without support and scaffolding, many students struggle to perform these skills at their optimal level. Student advocates can help teach, practice, and set up the conditions for greater success. Viinko is dedicated to focusing on a few of the executive functioning skills that help build the lifelong habits learners need. 


In order to focus our work, we have developed four learning targets with scales. The scales show the increasing complexity of each target skill. Viinko uses these scales to inform development of our platform features, to ensure the decisions we make are targeted towards the skills we are instructing, supporting, and encouraging, and to provide feedback and assessment tools for students and their advocates.

Download Viinko’s Targets and Scales Resource